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“When you are sick, do not seek a cure.

Find your centre and you will be healed”



My classes include a series of postures and gentle stretches connected in a slow flow that guide you into deep relaxation, through fun and light-hearted sequences.


As the saying goes, “We are what we eat” or rather, as you will learn if you chose to work with me, “we are what we digest”!


“I will admit, I was never that keen on yoga. It didnt appeal to me at all for many different reasons. When I saw Vera as a nutritionist, she suggested that I could do some yoga with her which also might alleviate my symptoms and help my stress levels. It took me a while, but I have really changed my mind on yoga and that is down to Vera. She was very patient with me, knew exactly what I needed and encouraged me to continue. I have never felt better and I know my body so well now. I know what needs to be done. I can’t recommend her enough - thank you Vera!”

-A. , September 2020

"Vera provided me with a comprehensive and constructive new diet to help me with my weight and my health. I use to experience a lot of bloating, lethargy and muscle ache all of which have now been resolved. I highly recommend Vera, you won’t be disappointed."

-A. , March - June 2020

“I have been to countless yoga classes - sometimes consistently with the same teacher and other times for a one-off session. I can truly say that Vera is unique in her practice and my most valued yoga instructor. I can achieve a stillness of the mind and body like no other and look forward to her teaching every time.

-F. , December 2020


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