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  • What Does a Nutritional Therapist Do?
    As the saying goes, “We are what we eat” or rather, as you will learn if you chose to work with me, “we are what we digest”! The food we eat and the dietary and eating habits that we follow have a massive impact on our health, digestion, energy levels, sleep quality, menstrual cycle, fertility, mood, and more obviously, weight and body shape (hair, skin, overall vitality). Food, water and supplements can also help to heal pre-existing conditions and by changing your diet and gaining knowledge on what is good for you and what is driving your ill state, you can find relief and renewed energy. A Nutritional Therapist like me assesses your health and nutritional state in depth (the initial consultation is one hour an half) and suggests ad-hoc dietary and lifestyle changes, empowering you to take charge of your health. Take charge of your health today!
  • Can I Help You?
    You may simply want to enhance your health or know if what you are eating is right for you. You may be experiencing new symptoms or new stress and you don’t know how to feel better again. You might have been battling with a chronic condition, digestive problems or intolerances for years and would like to see if there is any change you can make to improve your day-to-day wellbeing… Let’s find out if I can help you! Get in touch!
  • What To Expect From a Nutrition Consultation?
    The initial consultation consists in a 90 minutes chat where I will be asking about your past medical history, as well as going through the different body systems to collect all the information I need in order to find the possible underlying causes of your health complaints. I follow a naturopathic approach; this means that I will aim to correct possible imbalances through diet and lifestyle advice. Sometimes I may advice on supplements or testing if appropriate. It is advisable to book at least the initial appointment and the follow-up together. Follow-ups are usually booked within 2 to 6 weeks from the initial consultation, depending on your plan. Every individual is unique and so is every nutritional and lifestyle plan. Seeing you regularly will allow me to closely support you. Based on your improvements and/or new requirements, I can adapt the plan if needed until you have all the tools you need to feel better, live a healthier life and ensure you feel confident in what to do to going forward.
  • Where?
    I have online and in person appointments available. If you would like to see me in person, my Clinic is located within The Dock Hub in Wilbury Villas, BN3 6AH. It is a beautiful space with healing vibrations and I would very much like to see you there. If you are local, you can benefit from my other in-person offerings: affordable yoga classes and donation-based meditation circles. Online appointments are available for English speaking and Italian speaking clients worldwide. Please get in touch for any other enquiry.
  • Will I have to follow a restrictive diet forever?
    Of course not! The aim of a restrictive diet, which I prefer to call “healing diet”, is to make digestion as easy as possible whilst we give your gut time to heal. We might eliminate inflammatory foods, foods that you might be intolerant to, and sometimes some highly fermentable carbohydrates and toxins coming from processed food and sugary drinks. What we temporarily take out of your diet is entirely personal and we decide it after an extensive consultation and/or testing if appropriate. The diet will also be enriched by things that you might have not included before like daily leafy greens or oily fish. After some time of following this diet (between three weeks and three months), if healing is achieved, we will reintroduce all the foods. After your gut is healed you might be able to enjoy things that made you ill before: the aim is not to restrict your diet forever, but to heal your gut so that you can eat anything you want, freely, but with increased knowledge of foods and your body!


It is also possible to book extra single follow-up appointment to add to the packages.

Initial Consultation(90 minutes): £100

The Initial Consultation includes the Nutritional Plan and ongoing email support. 

Follow Up (45 minutes): £45

Please note that packages do need to be paid for in full but I'm happy to discuss payment options on an individual basis. 






  • Including initial appointment + 5 follow up appointments

  • 4 x 15 minutes support phone calls

  • Testing included up to £30 of cost


  • Health chat followed by one-off email with my advice (30 minutes)

  • Do you need a quick fix or you have burning questions about your diet and want advice but you can’t afford the above packages? Let’s arrange a health chat and I would be more than happy to help you!

Take charge of your health today!





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