Autumn Harmony Workshop 

Yoga and Nutrition workshop
29th of October
17:50 - 19:30

A warming, rooting and restorative yoga practice with a touch of nutritional and lifestyle advice to be in harmony with this transitional season and survive the arrival of the dark days through breathing, introspecting and letting go.

Living every season harmoniously is one of the secrets to health.

Autumn is a season of transition, the bright energy of summer is replaced by the deeper, more introspective energies of autumn - a time to re-think our routines and take advantage of the seasonal change to make changes of our own.

Autumn is also a journey into the dark days of winter. Our bodies have to work harder to fight off the seasonal coughs and colds, while the lower vitamin D levels reduce our natural immunity. This is a time to prepare, strengthen and restore our bodies through a calming and restorative yoga practice, breathing deeply and with intention, let go of negativity, reflect on what has gone and prepare for the winter.

In this workshop we will support and prepare the mind and body to live harmoniously and healthily during the season of autumn. We will discuss lifestyle and nutritional tips to make this transition easier while sipping on a warm drink, set intentions on what we would like to see changing in our inner world, as the world outside changes too, practice a slow warming hatha flow to a slow but strong vinyasa sequence. We will learn how to breathe deeply, ground and relax through a couple or restorative poses. At the end there will be a chance for a short meditation and maybe some journaling.

You will leave with a small printed list of autumn’s lifestyle and nutritional tips to survive the rest of the season.