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16th-29th of January 2023

  • Have you always wanted to learn more about nutrition?


  • Do you wonder if there is a “perfect diet” for you and your family to reach optimal health?


  • Do you wonder how that diet might fit in with your own personal specific needs?


  • Do you feel like January should be the month to set things right for the year ahead, diet first?


This course is for you!


Nutritional Therapist Vera Duse will take you through 4 main steps to change your diet with the opportunity to not only learn some of the pillars of eating healthy but also to ask her your most burning questions about diet and establish a way to achieve your health goals with a 1:1 online session!

You will receive written material and course work to support your learning. This material is yours and you have all the time in the world to read it and reread it in the future.

There is no pressure for you to learn the 4 steps or change your diet in these two weeks of January (16th-29th) but during these two weeks you will have the opportunity to attend 4 group live sessions in which Vera the Nutritional Therapist will discuss a nutrition topic related to the four steps, followed by a Q&A session on the written material, course work or any other question.

These sessions will be in the evenings and weekends, to allow everyone to attend. Participating to these sessions will allow you to deepen your knowledge and ask the questions about nutrition that you always wanted to ask.

We know that learning with the support of others is easier so when purchasing this course, you will be added to a private Facebook group where you will have the opportunity to share your achievements, learn from others, swap recipes, and ask questions. Vera will also pop on the group from time to time to answer questions and join the discussion. You will be part of this group for life if you want and more people will join in the future once this course will run again. It’s an opportunity to motivate each other and share your journey towards better health.

But this is not all! During these two weeks you will also have the opportunity to book a 1:1 online session with Vera to set your personal goals, discuss your challenges and personalize your “perfect diet” even more!



  • The “My January Reset Nutrition Course” booklet containing the 4 steps to reset your diet, 4 basic supplements explained and course work for you to reflect on your current dietary patterns.


  • Vera’s recommendation for 4 basic supplements to kickstart your health in 2023, with a 10% discount!


  • Four online group sessions to discuss 4 nutrition topics related to the 4 steps. At the end on session there will be time for Q&A’s. The sessions will be approximately 40 minutes and will happen in the evening on weekdays and on a Saturday morning between the 16th and 29th of January 2023.


  • One 1:1 online 30 minutes session with Vera to set your goals for the year – nutrition wise and discuss your challenges to get personalized advice.


  • Access for life to a private Facebook group where you will be able to share your achievements, doubts, and questions with others. Vera and other facilitators will be on the group to assist you as well. 

Investment: £99


  • Bring a friend and you both pay £88

  • Purchase the course before 31st of December 2022 and benefit from a 15% discount on a Nutrition Package with Vera in 2023.

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