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Yoga and Gong bath
25th of January 6PM-7.15PM

at The Dock Hub

With Alisha & Vera

Come for an evening of self-love where we will guide you into the deepest rest through movement and sound. Vera will guide you through a gentle flow, stretches and stronger poses that will bring you back into the body and still the mind. Alisha will then facilitate relaxation with the sound of her gong. A gong bath is a sensory audio experience that is hard to describe in words and often participants report a feeling of calmness afterwards.

Suitable for beginners, no previous yoga experience required.

Bring a blanket and pillow and wear layers. Yoga mats are provided.

*Attention: not suitable for pregnant women, people with tinnitus or epilepsy.



Sound bath
3rd of February 6PM-7.30PM

at The Dock Hub

With Luisa

Come and bathe in the vibrations and ripples of Tibetan and quartz bowls, gong, drum, Koshi chimes and more. To rest, restore and reconnect.

There will be some optional gentle movements to begin and the opportunity to have the therapeutic Tibetan bowls placed on you. A yoga nidra will be weaved in to the end of the sound journey. Yoga Nidra is also known as sleep yoga: you don't have to do anything. 


Bring a blanket, pillow and anything else you think will make your session more comfortable as you melt into relaxation.


Nourish your Nature
Yoga and Wellness retreat
Slí na Bandé
28th - 30th June

Highlights of the Retreat 



This weekend will be packed with opportunities to practice yoga.
We will offer a mixture of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and pranayama classes and workshops for a total of approximately 8 hours of yoga during the whole weekend. Opportunities to practice guided meditation will also complement the sessions.
Yoga, especially when practiced together, is a great way to empty your mind and drop into your body but we also advise that you listen to your needs and opt for rest, stillness or other activities if that feels right for you.
The yoga teachers are Anna and Vera.



We will be offering delicious, fresh and nutritious food during the course retreat that will be entirely cooked on site with love by our chef Laura and sous chef Alisha.
The meals will be carefully planned with attention and knowledge by the nutritionist Vera with the aim to provide a weekend of food that will be restorative for your gut and your entire organism.
The food will be mainly vegetarian and gluten free and Vera will use a paleo-ketogenic approach to construct the meals, making sure that every meal is made with natural ingredients and packed with fibre, fat and protein in order to maintain your blood sugar balanced.
Your allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements will be collected when you sign up and options will be provided when necessary.
Having a nutritionist on site sets this retreat apart from other yoga retreats and will give you the opportunity to discuss your general wellness or any digestive related questions with Vera. 


Connection and Community

You make the retreat!

We believe in building a sense of community and in the power of gathering together like-minded individuals with the same vibration. 

During the retreat there will be occasions to meet other people and share your story as well as to spend time alone nurturing your need for solitude.

We believe that everyone contributes to making this retreat amazing, therefore we look forward to you joining us and bringing your unique energy to the table.

Skill level - who is this for? 

The yoga classes we offer in this retreat are open level and suitable for beginners.

You don't need to be "good at yoga" or "good at meditating" in order to join us. Just bring your energy and we'll take care of the rest.


Sauna and Hot tub

The use of sauna and hot tub will be made available during the retreat on arrival before the opening circle on the Friday to kick start the relaxation and drop right into the mood of the retreat, and during the free time on the Saturday afternoon.

Depending on the weather they might be made available at other times and on request. There is also a natural plung pool on site to cool off after the sauna.

Outside space

During the retreat there will be opportunities to immerse yourself in nature on arrival, during the free time on the Saturday afternoon or before classes.

Six circular forest walks can be started from Sli na Bande and ten minutes drive from the retreat there is the charming loop walk around the Roundwood reservoir.

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