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Hi, I am Vera! I am a Nutritional Therapist and a Yoga teacher but before all of this, I was a registered nurse for 7 years!

I am originally from Venice, Italy where I trained as a nurse. I moved to Devon, England in 2014 and to Brighton in 2017 where I enjoyed being surrounded by lots of vegetarian restaurants, wellness centres and so many yoga studios. Brighton turned out to be the perfect environment to start studying naturopathic nutrition with CNM college and where I began practicing yoga. In February 2020 I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist and started my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with Rosie Iles-Jonas (Y O G A | doyouromthing).

Being healthy and living life to its full potential have always been my most important values and I always wanted to help others achieve them. This is the reason why I initially trained as a Nurse, but I soon realised that what I could do for people in that role was quite limited. Working as a nurse, showed me the weaknesses of western medicine and the lack of attention for preventing disease in our society. Many people, by the time they are admitted to hospital, have already been suffering for years: western medicine, although brilliant in times of emergency, can leave many health gaps in our lives with no knowledge of how to fill them. It was with this in mind, that I decided I wanted to meet people earlier in their timeline to support them in not only preventing illnesses but in also improving their health and day to day wellbeing.

In my invaluable experience as a nurse, I had the opportunity to observe how lifestyle, eating habits, the quality of food, movement (or lack of), breathing patterns and self-awareness have an immense impact on someone’s health outcome. Health for me means vitality, being in charge of your body and being able to live your live to its full potential. I have found in nutrition and yoga the tools to revisit in order to go back to that healthy state and help other people do the same.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I follow a naturopathic approach which means that I consider the body and mind as one whole unit that can heal itself if given what it needs: good food and hydration, good sleep and a good balance of activity and rest. I believe in a personalised, centred approach because each individual person is different with their own set of needs. Studying Naturopathic Nutrition allowed me to understand the root causes of disease and how to act on them even before the illness manifests.

Having just completed my YTT, I found that Yoga inspires me every day to honour my body and mind. It taught me to give the body the respect that it deserves, so that it can function at its best throughout our lifetime and not let us down. I like to teach Hatha yoga classes suitable for all levels with attention to the breath, a mix of deep relaxation and a more fun, active flow.

Now I am proud to be able to really make the difference for people and provide invaluable education and knowledge to guide them through a journey of increased self-awareness and, ultimately, better health.


I am currently preparing to embrace a nomadic lifestyle and I will be able to do skype consultation and online yoga classes in English and Italian at any time. In person consultations (Covid allowing) can happen depending on where I am in the world, so check my Instagram to find out if and where you can find me in person!

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