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The benefits of meal planning

Following the right diet is not easy. A lot of factors can have an impact on our compliance such as unexpected complications, lack of time and that stressful day at work that makes us all fall back into old habits, choosing comfort food over steamed greens.

crisps and box of chocolate (which are allowed sometimes...but in moderation!)

  • Ensure that you are eating a balanced diet: planning your meals can help you to see clearly where your diet would lack balance and strategically choose a variety of different foods.

  • Saving time: planning meals can allow you to schedule in batch cooking and shopping trips, therefore saving a lot of precious time that you can allocate to your favorite activities or self-care.

  • Trying new healthy foods: meal planning supports you to make that promise to yourself and commit to fit in new healthy foods that you wouldn't otherwise try.

  • Reducing worries and anxieties: it is so much easier to already know what you are going to eat every day without worrying if what you will find in the fridge tonight will be good for you or not, or finding yourself forced to order take out because you are hungry and you haven't planned an healthy dinner option.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight: having nutritious meals planned helps balancing the blood sugar level reducing the risk of being left with a feeling of hunger and reaching for that unhealthy sugary snack in between meals.

  • Boosts your confidence: planning the healthiest meals supports you to stick to your nutrition plan and achieving those health goals, ultimately leaving you feeling proud of yourself.


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